Friends of Forest Park

Friends of Forest Park assist in maintaining the existing trail systems. Projects include trail maintenance, blazing trails, restore erosion damage and assisting in the closing of new unauthorized trails.  Don't just hike the trails of Forest Park, maintain them.

Volunteer in Forest Park

Trail Management


Invasive Control

Take a training session with a NYC Parks Gardener and begin sprucing up your favorite space in Forest Park.  Make your favorite garden the most beautiful garden in Forest Park.  Friends of Forest Park will work as a team to get your garden growing.

Conserving native plant communities in Forest Park involves managing existing invasive plant infestations and preventing the establishment of problematic plant species. Friends of Forest Park target specific invasive species for physical removal.  Join us for an invasive identification and removal event.

Debris Hikes

Join the Friends of Forest Park  weekly as we hike the trails within Forest Park and collect debris along the way.  We work as a team clearing trails and park areas, all tools and supplies provided for every hike.  Join us on a planned hike or ask us to schedule a hike in your favorite corner of Forest Park.